Your customers are demanding
practical solutions

We have the logistical expertise to meet their expectations



Our expertise lies in routing, handling, and promptly delivering your goods while meeting your service excellence expectations and those of your customers

Dedicated Outsourcing

Dedicated Outsourcing

From hiring drivers to managing fleets to ensuring compliance, we act as an extension of your business, providing local autonomy and oversight

Distribution Services

Distribution Services

Leverage successful co-loading opportunities and garner economies of scale, faster deployment, and reduced transportation costs

Auto Parts Delivery & Logistics

Take advantage of 30-minute Final Mile delivery services in multiple markets throughout Canada, plus on-site management and a spare vehicle pool.

Perishable Goods Home Delivery

We have experience with temperature-sensitive shipping, and are able to offer your customers same-day service.

Office Supply Desktop Delivery

All of your customer’s office supplies delivered straight to their desktops or anywhere else your customers need them, with a white glove touch.

Unattended Delivery Service

The practical solution for a delivery method requiring little or no human resources for receipt of deliveries, dropped off by bonded and security-cleared drivers.

White Glove Delivery

Personalized delivery experiences available with a number of customizable options, from one or two-man teams, included assembly and installation, choice of rooms, and more.

We make last-mile
deliveries simpler for you

and a pleasant experience for your end-customers

Customer expectations have changed, making the final leg of
your supply chain more important than ever. Ziing Final Mile TM.
has the network and expertise to provide customized and
scheduled distribution services on behalf of your business.

We help you deliver frictionless and convenient last-mile
deliveries that make for happy and loyal customers.

Industries we work with:

  • Retail/Direct Store Delivery (DSD)
  • Healthcare
  • Office Supplies & Equipment
  • E-Commerce
  • 3PL
  • Legal and Financial Services Documents
  • Delivery and Assembly

How we make great partnerships happen

  • icon-network

    Coast-to-coast Network

    We have an extensive Agent and Owner Operator network across Canada and continue to expand our reach.

  • icon-excellence

    Daily Operational Excellence

    A key differentiator amongst our competitors is our operational excellence. Our experienced management team is nimble and solution-based to proactively adapt to everyday challenges.

  • icon-intelligence

    Integrated Business Intelligence

    We leverage technology to understand the pulse of the business and adapt accordingly.

  • icon-trust

    Building on Trust

    We provide custom solutions for each client and develop multi-level relationships, from C-suite to dock level connections, improving touch points and flexibility in this ever-changing market.

  • icon-pricing

    Cost-effective Pricing

    Our services include predictability of costing while having the ability to evolve with our customers and market changes.

  • icon-service

    Heart for Service

    Last-mile delivery is a critical touchpoint between your brand and your customers, so we make sure it’s a pleasant one. We go the extra mile to deliver your goods with care, on time, and with a smile.