Distribution Services

Giving B2B and B2C industries seamless distribution solutions at affordable rates

Move your goods from coast-to-coast securely, efficiently, and on time, every time

Ziing Final Mile™ understands the end-consumer’s unforgiving demands in timely delivery fulfillment. Our Distribution Services leverage successful co-loading opportunities and garner economies of scale, faster deployment, and reduced transportation costs.

Whether it’s for improving your customer experience or expanding your brand’s reach, Ziing Final Mile™’s nationwide network of trained and reliable carriers will carefully deliver your goods as urgently as your customers dictate. Because you work hard to give your customers the best products possible, we ensure they arrive in perfect condition.

Benefits of our Distribution Services include:

  • Optimized freight routing and dispatch systems
  • Visibility of shipments with state-of-the-art tracking technology
  • Expert handling of specialty goods such as perishable or temperature-sensitive products
  • Flexible capacity for goods of varying size, shape, and volume
  • Professional drivers who provide great customer service
  • Assured regulatory compliance and background checks
  • Flexible deliveries including evening and weekends